The Process

We’re transparent in our process. Below is an outline of a project process with us.
It’s important to us that you have a complete understanding of the process and feel comfortable moving forward with the project.

Meet & Discuss Project

Step One

After a phone call and we agree to take a look at your project, we'll schedule a time with you to meet in person and go over the project goals, expectations, and needs.

Set Project Budget

Step Two

After our meeting, we'll work to determine your budget for the project. We'll present you with the rough bid, and pending your approval, we will move forward working out the design by drawing up the building plans.

Design Process

Step Three

In this stage, we'll develop your design based on the approval of the determined budget, along with the design plan and discussions we've had. Approval of the design and drawings will be needed prior to moving forward.

Bidding Process

Step Four

We'll send the finalized design to sub contractors. They will provide us with estimates for their portion of the project.

Schedule Start Date

Step Five

After receiving estimates from our sub contractors, we'll put together a final bid documents for your approval and set a scheduled start date.